Red Wine Beef & Ricotta Ravioli

(Serves 4)

So, I got a pasta machine for Christmas, which paradoxically conflicted with my goal of being less of a carb monster in the New Year.
The first time I gave it a go, it was a complete disaster. I must have kneaded and rolled pasta out for 2-3 hours and, after I cooked it, it tasted of dry flour and slimy egg. I drowned my sorrows in red wine and ate some pizza, because when all else fails - wine.

Shredded Beef Tacos

There’s something quite satisfying about leaving a joint in a slow cooker, going to work, then coming back to an amazing smelling house and dinner practically cooked. A whole beef joint will usually make around 3-4 different meals, so the first one I'd like to write about is beef tacos. Because Mexican food is the best. And because tacos.