White Truffle & Rosemary Fusilli

  If you haven’t gathered by now, then yes, I admit it – I love pasta. There’s just so many different variations and versatile ingredients you can use to achieve completely different dishes. And whilst I don’t advocate eating it every day, I definitely cook at least one pasta dish a week for dinner.
            If you haven’t cooked with truffles before, then this is a great introduction to them. Truffles are actually a type of fungus that grow underground. You may have heard of pigs or dogs that are specially trained to sniff them out in forests. They are renowned to be quite expensive, but don’t be put off by this. You can buy some beautiful truffle oil from most large supermarkets for around £5 - 10 and it will last you ages.
            One of the things that go really well with truffles, are mushrooms. This recipe is a new one I conjured up the other day and the flavours work really well together. I’m not usually a huge fan of creamy, rich sauces, but I feel this one has just the right balance.